How Can A “How To Grow Weed” Guide Help A New Grower?

How To Grow Weed Guide 

So one question I get all the time is…

How Can A “How To Grow Weed” Guide Help A New Grower?

There really are a million and one ways to learn how to grow weed BUT they do not always end up with large yields and quality buds. Yes, there are plenty of brand new growers who were able to get top shelf meds on their very first try BUT it isn’t always that easy. There are many different things that can, do and will happen during a grow which can destroy your yields. Lucky for you, there are many grow guides and growing bibles available to help you during your learning curve.

I have been growing for many years and have known plenty of other growers. The thing with growers however is the fact that everyone does things their own way. For myself, I love soil and coco grows compared to hydroponics. I love my aeroponic cloners but once they get out of the rooting process, I tend to toss them in my organic soil mixes.

You will find out real fast that there will be a certain style of growing that YOU will enjoy more than others. Before that though I should have said that it is WORTH IT to test out different growing styles and setups. It never hurts to know how to grow in various environments and growing mediums.


So How Do I Learn The Different Styles Of Growing Marijuana?

My suggestion is to start out growing using a soil / soil-less mix versus trying hydroponics. There are a few more costs when starting up when it comes to hydro compared to growing in dirt. If you want to have some sort of hydro in your setup, why not start with an aeroponic cloner? You can easily get roots in under 5 days and the root growth is INSANE.

If you want to get the entire history behind growing as well as a complete and detailed step by step method to getting started growing there really is only ONE book that you should get.


Which  How To Grow Weed Marijuana Growing Guide Should I Get?

The first thing that you should do is sign up for a few growing forums online. You can get a TON of free and helpful advice especially when you are just starting to grow your green thumb. Remember though that SOME advice is terrible advice and there have been plenty in the forums that give terrible advice so always double check their recommendations with a google search of some sort.


The Main ” How To Grow Weed ” Grow Guide

that I tend to recommend to all new and amateur growers can be

downloaded here

growing elite marijuana

growing elite marijuana

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