Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices

Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices

I don’t know about you but for me I find it fun to build or create pipes and bongs out of random items. I once made a bubbler using a krusty ( krusty the clown from the simpsons ) head and it was just funny as hell to smoke out of. Building your own homemade smoking devices like pipes and bongs is great to do when you are a bit stoned and need something productive to do with your time.

What Is In The Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices Guide?

Over 114+ AWESOME pipe and bongs ideas! Fully illustrated detailed step-by-step construction plans. Includes the Bamboo Ripper, Apple Pipes, Scent Hiding Steamrollers, The Chinese Waterfall Bong (The Gravity Bong and how-to use one!), The Trippy Acid Trip Bong, The Magical Lumberjack Pipe, Honey Bear Bong, and so much, much more.

Learn all about bongs including the design considerations, The Water Test, scraping your bong, homemade smoking device aesthetics, materials, safety, liquids, and more!
Blunt Rolling 101: Learn to roll like a pro. This fully illustrated, step-by-step guide shows you the secret technique to rolling Elite Blunts.
Build your own incredibly effective homemade vaporizers! Including complete illustrated step-by-step plans for the classic design and the famous Volcano.
Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices

Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices Download

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