The Stoner’s Cookbook Free Download

The Stoner’s Cookbook

There is nothing more fun than edibles especially when you want to REALLY FEEL the amazing effects of such a great plant like marijuana. If you have never made edibles or medibles as they are sometimes referred to as then you are missing out big time. Now you can download The Stoner’s Cookbook and have a TON of potent recipes that can knock your head off LOL ( or make you sleep for a bit of time, which is great when you are having trouble sleeping ).

The Stoner’s Cookbook

The Stoner's Cookbook

The Stoner’s Cookbook Download

Inside You’ll Get…

Over 57 delicious pot-specific pot-loaded munchies, for you to bake in minutes and enjoy!

Examples include:

-Hash Fudge

-Rich Chocolate

-Ryan’s Coma Cookies

-Weed Brownies

-Scooby Snacks

-Baked Turtle Cheesecake

-Rice Krispy Treats

-Triple Chocolate Smores Marijuana Pie

-Banana Bud Bread

-Canna coffee Milkshakes

-Herbal Spaghetti

-Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes

And soooo many more!

You’ll also receive your own guide to making your very own THC pills that you can take with you anywhere you go. (pg. 32)
THC drops. Learn how to make your own marijuana tinctures with ease! (pg. 10)
A secret, extremely potent, legendary cannabis recipe born in the heart of Japan that took over 27 years to master and perfect. This is not for the weak willed, it is literally the most potent way to consume and prepare marijuana on the planet in existence today and I am NOT exaggerating one bit. Users who have tried this have reported pulsating colorful lightshows, extreme euphoric spiritual awakenings, and such unbelievable levels of blissful high that they have never imagined possible…that seemingly lasts forever.. some feel knocked out for 8-10 hours on average. Seriously don’t try this, it might even be dangerous – I’ve included the complete step-by-step preparation instruction for reference and research purposes ONLY. (pg. 53).


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