Growing Elite Marijuana

You need to read this page all the way to the end if you have ever wanted to:

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  4. Grow the highest quality marijuana possible without any chance of pests, mold, contaminants or lack of “bag appeal” starting today.


Now before we get started I want to introduce myself and tell you a bit about myself, my story and how I went from failing month in and month out trying to grow my own herb to be able to grow pounds and pounds of bud that fetch the highest price per pound in the market, have insane thc and cbd percentages and best of all the tightest nugs known to man WHICH end up giving me the most weight per plant compared to other growers out there.

In the growing community I am known as The Aardvark. I have been growing for many years now and due to a couple simple changes in my grow room I was able to produce an insane amount of bud that has the most aroma, densest nugs I have ever seen AND reduced my overall growing costs by over 75% or more.

When I first got started, I did like most of us did which was, grow out some bag seed which I found in a bag of shitty weed that I overpaid for. I bought some soil, put the seeds in there and grabbed a couple cfl’s and waited to see what would happen.

Now a few of these seeds ended up sprouting BUT the majority of them never did anything. I assumed this to be due to them being bag seed and odds are just not viable.

After these first couple grows and seeing my end results I then started to wonder why I wasn’t getting any yields, some of my plants started to hermie on me and why I was putting so much time into these plants which ended up yielding me far less than an ounce per plant.

So I thought, it must be the seeds that I was using. I mean afterall, I was just using some bag seed which produced shitty weed anyways SO it must be the seeds.

I went online and located a few different marijuana seed banks and spent $217.84 cents all together and waited for the seeds to finally hit my doorstep so I could then be able to grow a ton of weed.

After all it had to be the seeds I was using right?

Well I started the grow using some damn expensive seeds and realized that my germination rates were JUST AS BAD with these high end seeds as they were with the shitty bad seeds I tried growing previously.

Now I knew there was a much larger problem than just the quality of seeds I was using.

So I thought about it and realized that it MUST BE the type of lighting I was using. I mean I was only using CFL’s so it had to be the amount of lighting I was using.

I went down to my local grow shop and picked up a 600 watt mh and 600 watt hps setup. It cost me around $400 which included a grow tent so overall I was happy with getting the BOOST in light and couldn’t wait to see my end weight results.

After the 2 month flowering cycle I dried and cut my plants and weighed the girls out. I was thinking that since I had these high end seeds and now a really cool 600 watt grow light setup my yields were going to go through the roof


that isn’t what happened at all.

I was PISSED OFF and really didn’t know what to do next. I have already bought over $200 in seeds online. I already spent over $400 in a new grow tent/ grow light combo and I still was only able to pull

UNDER AN OUNCE per plant.

At this point I realized that I had spent over $1k in growing supplies which included the soil, nutrients, lights, fans, grow tent, seeds and the other miscellaneous tools that I felt I NEEDED to have a successful grow.

Talk about being pissed off at yourself.

The bud that I ended up with after this grow was still FLUFFY, there wasn’t a huge amount of aroma and the potency wasn’t there either.

I went online and searched one of the most common searches online which was “how to grow weed”. I located various forums and saw growers who were raking in huge yields month in and month out BUT most of these guys had 10+ years of growing under their belt.

I wasn’t BORN with a green thumb and odds are you weren’t either right?

It was cool to see these growers KILLIN’ IT but I wasn’t them. I didn’t have a huge warehouse filled with $20k in growing gear or the money to spend on the odds are INSANE electric bill that they had NO PROBLEM doing.

I went back to my search box and thought that I needed to get myself some sort of grow guide or grow bible which would help me turn my next grow into one that would actually produce huge yields, potent bud and the STRONG aroma that I was after. I bought a few different guides and grow bibles online as well as at my local grow shop and ended spending right around $150 overall.

I bought a few different grow guides and read through them MULTIPLE TIMES. Now many of these guides went into pretty decent detail but none of them had a simple breakdown of how to go from A to B.

I was looking for a grow guide that would lead me STEP BY STEP, almost like a “growing marijuana for COMPLETE IDIOTS” sort of guide LOL.

I had a few seeds left from my previous seed bank order and decided to use some of the suggestions I found in these various grow guides and see if my results would be any different.

I used the germination tips and was FINALLY able to get my germination rates up compared to previous grows. I started the veg cycle and used some of the ideas found in these guides to train my plants and they did actually end up larger and healthier than I was previously able to grow. I then got into the flowering cycle and with the tips found in these guides I noticed something I hadn’t previously and that was that my plants were actually PUTTING ON WEIGHT.

These plants were like night and day compared to my previous attempts at growing. I was super stoked and extremely excited to see what my weight per plant was going to wind up being. Sure enough after the 60 day flowering cycle and using some of the ideas found in these guides I bought, I dried and cured them and then came the day to weigh them and see how I did.

I tossed the trimmed buds on my scale, plant by plant and something weird happened. I actually had a smile on my face because I was able to DOUBLE my previous attempts and my bud actually looked like the higher quality stuff that I had been buying at my local dispensaries. The bud had a much better smell compared to my previous grows and overall I was excited as hell.

From then on, I kept on growing and improving from one grow to the next. I however started to realize that my yields seemed to stay the same. I wasn’t really progressing all that much and wanted to find out how growers that I have seen online were able to produce POUNDS of bud from their grows because at the moment I was only able to produce OUNCES.

Now the bud that I was growing at this time was potent, smelled great and my buddies loved smoking it BUT I kept running out of herb BEFORE my next cycle was done. I needing to find a way to IMPROVE MY YIELDS.

I didn’t want to just grow a few ounces per cycle but I wanted to grow a pound or more and work my way up from that.

I went back online and got to searching. I mean I have already spent WELL over $1k trying to get my marijuana green thumb and honestly I needed to find that ONE THING that will help me produce pounds and pounds of bud month in and month out like the pros I have seen online.

I stumbled on a website and read through it from the top to the bottom. It almost seemed too good to be true. I mean the price for this guide was wayyyy less than other guides I had previously bought AND best of all there was an 100% money back guarantee.

This site had a 30 day try it and like it OR get ALL my money back guarantee SO I thought for a few minutes and said, ah what the hell let’s give it a shot.

I bought the guide and started reading. Before I knew it and hour went by and I was completely enthralled in this book and noticing that most of the so called tips and tricks I previously learned were EXACTLY opposite of what this guide was showing me.

The reason those other guides helped me somewhat was because they gave the basic ideas behind growing marijuana which were taught in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. They were from old school growers who were more than happy to do the same ol’ same ol’ versus updating and improving the content based on the latest and greatest techniques that have been developed in the last few years.

This new guide however provided all the new stuff that I was after and has been time tested and proven RECENTLY from tens of thousands of growers in all cities, states and countries all around the world.

After I read through the guide, wrote down the suggestions and ironing out my grow area and setup the way that this guide told me I started my new grow.

First off, my germination rates ended up being right around 97% which was a HUGE IMPROVEMENT compared to my previous germination rates.

I changed my veg cycle the way the guide explained and my plants were freakin HUGE.

I started the flowering cycle and noticed that my girls looked like they were practically on steroids. I swear they seemed to be growing larger and larger by the day. They were packing on hairs far better than I had ever seen in my previous grows.

At the end of the flowering cycle I used the ideas found in this new guide and finished them based on when they needed to be finished VERSUS the suggested finish date that came with the seeds.

I then cut, dried and cured them based on the simple method that I found in this new guide and was actually nervous to see what my yields per plant were going to be.

I mean these plants felt MUCH HEAVIER, the aroma in my flower tent was almost too strong. I had to improve my carbon scrubber to be able to keep the pot smell from travelling down my street LOL.

I tossed the first dried and trimmed plant on the scale and it was 4 ounces.


I was able to more than quadruple my previous yields and best of all because of this new grow guide I was able to know when the PERFECT TIME was to finish them which GREATLY increased the potency of my bud.

I brought over a couple buddies because I wanted to see what they thought and MAN o MAN did we have a great time that night. Now some of my buddies ended up sitting there high as a kite and one actually couldn’t stop laughing which ended up with all of us laughing for a good 30 minutes for NO REASON AT ALL.

Since then, I have kept this guide as my “go to” resource for my grows and recommend it to my buddies and fellow growers anytime I can. Now there are some growers who feel that they know everything there is to know about growing and more power to them. If you have a grow style that works for you and you are happy with your yields then hell why change anything.


If you are like how I used to be and want

Larger more aromatic Buds

More Potent Buds

and an overall LARGER YIELD

then check this out…

The guy who created this new growing guide has well over 20 years of experience and unlike other growers who have written grow guides and grow bibles, he actually UPDATES his information based on the latest and greatest techniques that he himself has developed as well as other suggestions that he has time tested and proved out that were found online and local grower circles.

The cool part is, he has actually been paid $1k+ for one on one training but has since decided to download everything from his insane growers brain and put it out there for EVERYONE to be able to learn from.

Being able to access this information will EASILY shave a good 10-15 years OFF your growers curve and give you that GREEN THUMB that you have always been after.

Now along with myself there have been PLENTY of other growers both newbs and seasoned veterans who have used this easy to duplicate guide to increase and improve their grows as well.

Here are just a few of the testimonials that I have found online about this amazing system

If you want to know anything and everything about growing your own potent bud, this is your book. Seriously, this guy goes in depth to explain things without making it overly complicated. download this book.

-J., Denver, CO

All I can say is WOW. I am truly impressed with this guide. My first grow was amazing. Sooooo much yield! 🙂 The quick service and the funny emails was awesome. I definitely will be ordering more from your website in the future. Keep up the great work!

-K.L., Fort Worth, Texas

Ryan, in all my years of growing marijuana I have never come across a guide that is more complete, easy-to-read, and full of useful tips for getting the most out of your bud. My friends still can’t believe how big these nugs are, and neither can we!!! With your techniques the buds grow quicker than lightning and have a fruity taste. The high is pure bliss.

-Dan, “The Cannabis Coach” CA

Ryan I am definitely buying your full guide… I have used just some of your tips and cannot begin to describe how great my harvest was last time.

-Tyler S, GA, U.SA

This is THE BIBLE for all wanna-be cannabis growers out there. Do yourself a favour and get on board the do it yourself growing revolution that is erupting with this book. No need to waste your time or money on failed crops… Ryan will show you the way to grow quickly.

-S.T., India

I’ve been growing my own marijuana for about 12 years now and this book has allowed me to make fine-tunings that has made a dramatic effect on the quality of weed I’m now producing. A great resource for anyone out there… beginner or seasoned professional.

-J.A., Rotterdam, Netherlands

Incredible e-book. This is by far, the most complete guide ever written about Marijuana cultivation. The e-book is easy to read and well organized. I own almost every marijuana cultivation book ever made but this is
by far the best I have ever seen.

-B.G., Austin, TX

Hi, Ryan,
I’ve also noticed that after I bought your package that my harvest was sooo much better that my friends couldn’t keep their hands off of it so I had to do it over again just to keep some for myself.

You are great, and keep up informing people on your amazing grow techniques!

Thank you again.

-Paul, CA.

This is a f*cking awesome book.

-Roy G., Redmond, CA

So much good stuff in here. Great for beginners if you plan on really getting in to it. Ryan is a passionate genius.

-N.M., Santa Barbara, CA

“Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou I’m a newby , and i have watched countless videos that were supposed to be the “bomb” , but they dont explain it like you have, straight forward answers before i even ask the question , i’ve already made adjustments to my system that u recommended and i’m amazed at the results in such a short period of time . Thanx again.”

-Eric, MA

OMG!!!!! Three words: BIG. DANK. BUDS. These buds are so gorgeous! I’m by no means a ‘newbie’ but let’s just say I havent exactly had a ‘green thumb’ in the past. I still can’t believe how fast they are growing. This is the first time in my life I’ve been able to enjoy my own homegrown supply of rare cannabis. My friends keep commenting how they’ve never seen nugs so BIG & STICKY. Ryan I tried out the raspberry strain like you said and OMG WOW these buds are spectacular! But you probably already knew that!! ;D Your guide makes this experience magical.

You’ve made it all SO EASY! Thanks to you Ryan! 🙂

-Lisa M., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Great book, lots of pictures easy to understand, every question you might have is answered in this book. Don’t grow without it!

-F.H., Germany

My daughter heard from some friends about this e-book to learn how to grow medical marijuana to treat people with ailments who are suffering chronic pain. We have been using it endlessly. The guide has helped her and I can’t recommended it enough for anyone who wants to grow amazing marijuana for themselves.

-Evan T., Manchester, UK

Hello Ryan!

Just yesterday I’ve completed my first crop since buying your extensive guide. And I’ve honestly never smoked anything so flavorful in my entire life, and the high was great, and my friends agree!

Without your guide, it literally wouldn’t have turned out this great. As in your guide, I did keep one of the females in a vegetative state to prevent it from flowering, so I could clone it if the crop came out good… which it did!

All of my friends are offering me money just to try their hand at growing with some clones from said mother plant.

All in all, thank you so much!

-W.L., Oahu, USA

Buying your e-book was the best move a grower could make. I haven’t put it down yet. Awesome book man!

-Sean J., New Jersey

This eBook is wonderful. Not only is it concise, it explains the reasons for steps, and multiple warnings for avoiding various conditions. All in a very easy to read and easily understood format. Written with a real Love for the Plant and the Subject. It covers all aspects and gives really good tips and hints. This book was by far the easiest to get into and understand what I was getting myself into. Ryan’s wisdom is profound. Its really like a “Dummies” book, but it contains so much more. I’ll be using this as my go-to reference guide for years to come.

-D.W., from Edmonton Canada

If you are even thinking about growing some marijuana GET this eBook.

-J.C., Boulder, CO

Now there are plenty more testimonials about this grow guide BUT I really want YOU to get started right now growing the best marijuana possible.

The guide is called Growing Elite Marijuana and was written by Ryan Riley. Ryan is the guy that I have been raving about and talking about during this entire video. I have talked with him and asked him if it was possible to offer some sort of discount for the grow guide to make it EASIER for new growers and seasoned growers to be able to afford it.

He came back with an, “OF COURSE!”

Those of us in the marijuana growing community really are out for each other. We want others to duplicate and even surpass our own results. Its a karma thing and is indeed a win – win situation.

Now before I get to the killer discount I want to tell you a bit about the growing system itself, what it offers as well as what all included.

The growing elite marijuana COMPLETE SYSTEM includes over 700 pages of simple to follow steps, in-depth content, high quality pictures and specific information that will take your next grow to the next level ( to say the least ).

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Along with the complete growing system Ryan has also decided to include some AMAZING BONUSES which would bring the ENTIRE PACKAGE overall cost to $461.95. To me this is still an amazing deal because before I found this ONE AND ONLY growing system I had already spent well over $1,000 dollars attempting to do it on my own.

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Just get THE ONE THAT WORKS and the one that includes an INSANE amount of bonuses.

Let me tell you a bit about these included bonuses before I tell you about the HUGE DISCOUNT that you will get as well as the secret discount code that I have included at the end of this page but don’t skip ahead or you will miss all the huge bonuses which I am including.

Bonus 1 – The Cannabis Care Manual

Bonus 2 – The Marijuana Growing Quick-Start Guide

Bonus 3 – The Stoner’s Cookbook

Bonus 4 – The Ultimate Strain Guide

Bonus 5 – Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices

Bonus 6 – Ganja Etiquette

Bonus 7 – Deadly Marijuana Growing Mistakes

Bonus 8 – Marijuana Security Blackbook

Bonus 9 – Exclusive 420 Membership Club Card

With all these bonuses that he has decided to throw in with a value of $461.95 he has decided to throw ONE MORE HUGE BONUS IN For Acting RIGHT NOW

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5 FREE Marijuana Seeds when you are ready to order from a seed bank

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Ryan has decided to DISCOUNT it for a limited time.

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Now before you leave, I will walk you through the easy buying process INCLUDING the $10 off discount code that I have decided to include.

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