• Auto Seeds

    auto seeds

    Right now Auto Seeds has plenty of very potent strains that you can buy. They currently offer 10-15 strains and many more on are on the way. Autos are perfect for small grow cab and small grow tent growers who are just getting started growing. When growing autos, it allows a grower the ability to be able to not have to worry about light schedules or to have a veg AND flower tent. [Read More...]

  • Ambrosia Seed Company

    ambrosia seed company

    The Ambrosia Seed Company tends to run out of stock pretty quickly so when you see them in stock, grab up as many packs as you possibly can. Whether you end up growing them yourself or reselling them for a profit is really up to you. The clones that you cut from moms can really be worth a decent amount especially when there are so many growers trying to secure the genetics. [Read More...]

  • Amaranta Seeds

    amaranta seeds

    Amaranta Seeds have won cannabis cups, they offer feminized, autos and a ton of really amazing crosses. If you are looking for an out of the norm breeder with quality genetics make sure and give Amaranta Seeds a shot. [Read More...]

  • All In Medicinal Seeds

    all in medical seeds

    The more legalization that happens here in the states the better. I am sure most of us can agree that having more quality cannabis breeders and their warez available will also be a benefit to marijuana genetic diversity. Back in the day there really were only a couple breeders who you could buy cannabis seeds from but all of that has changed. [Read More...]

  • Advanced Seeds

    advanced seeds

    Right now Advanced Seeds have plenty of strains available that are perfect for new growers to start working on growing their green thumb. Whether you are looking for a medical marijuana strain worth growing in a legal state or otherwise, advanced seeds has something for you. [Read More...]

  • Ace Seeds

    Ace Seeds

    After growing Ace Seeds and by growing I do mean a few different strains, I have realized that their genetics is second to none. If you are looking for that old school strain that will really bring you back to the old days then Ace Seeds is the breeder to grab up seeds from. [Read More...]

  • 00 Seeds

    00 Seeds

    Are you looking for the best prices on 00 Marijuana Seeds?

    There are plenty of different marijuana seed banks where you can order 00 cannabis seeds from but for the best prices there really is only one place to buy them. If you are looking for a safe, reliable and discreet seed bank to buy from then keep reading.

    Right now with legalization getting better and better here in the states there are plenty more breeders coming out of the shadows and offering up their warez for all of us growing to enjoying including the beans from 00 Seeds. [Read More...]